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What's GoodOn?

Comfortable Basics
Good On your body !
Our product is simple and basic that you can see the difference on its quality and conformity.
The color will fade over time but the shirt is durable and the unique color change will be special on you.

“COTTON USA” is the mark of the trust that is only applied to the product using over 50% of globally acknowledged American cotton. To have this proof of high quality, the product first needs to be certified by Cotton Council International, then clear the severe Japanese quality standard. Good On is a certified brand by COTTON U.S.A.

  • The first day of bloom
  • The second day of bloom
  • Split open cottonseed
  • Spilling fiber

Good On mainly uses carded yarn made of the cotton produced in the Cotton Belt.

Carded yarn: The most basic, commonly used yarn. Carding process to eliminate approximately 5% of impure substance gives a dry touch and rough taste. The carded yarn is used for most jeans.

Cotton Belt

In an area including the 3 major areas of Texas, California and Mississippi Delta, from East coast to West coast comprising 17 states called “Cotton Belt”, 40 different varieties of cotton is grown. Though the cotton farming is susceptible to the weather, breed improvement and new technical development over the years in the U.S.A have made it possible to continuously and stably provide high quality raw cotton in volume to all over the world.

Characteristics of cotton...

Soft texture: rounded edge of the fiber and thin, coiled rib structure of its surface provide soft and supple texture. The natural material is almost static-free. In addition, it also has heat durability of ironing.

Absorbent/ thermal: cool in summer and warm in winter= center of the fiber is spouted like macaroni. When the temperature is different in inside and outside of the cotton, it absorbs the moisture inside and diffuse toward outside, which provides good air permeability and cool comfort. The air inside also makes insulation structure, preventing heat transfer and diffusion. Raising and piling process further enables the fiber to keep enough air for improved heat retention.

Good On is committed to fabric. With all sorts of methodology such as using quality American cotton, ordering with knitting factories in the U.S. and Japan that have unique technology, we produce fabric that makes the most of each material.

Patterning (=designing) takes the longest time and careful consideration in Good On’s production process.
When the product is dyed after sewn, the figure becomes totally different from its original pattern since the fabric shrinks with the different ratio in lengthways and widthways. In addition, depending on the cotton growth each year, the shrinkage ratio widely changes, therefore appropriate pattern adjustment is required every time.
Good On’s product doesn’t shrink in washing after your purchase. Its pattern is made based on in-depth shrinkage calculation and test production so that the best sizing is achieved when the fabric is shrunk at most, after the process of dying after sewing, washing, then drying in high heat.

All Good On products, made in the U.S. and in Japan, go through multiple patterning modifications according to the shrinkage ratio of each lot of fabric, to achieve best sizing.
For short sleeved T-Shirts, 5 to 6 different patterns are required per size, and the adjustment could be made up to 2 to 3 times in the same season.
Using different patterns made to fit variety of cotton material is the reason for our well-balanced product, that cannot be found anywhere else. Our product is good on anybody, with its basic pattern and standard silhouette for long wearing.

Good On’s product requires firm robustness to endure the process of dying, washing and heat drying before our customer get to wear it. In dye pot, washing machine and dryer the products are pulled, twisted and rubbed each other, putting substantial stress on the stitching parts. High quality, robust sewing is therefore essential, such as sewing reinforcing tape at the back of the neck, rolled seam of layered fabric, 4 needles flat seam and 2 needles seam over the joint of fabric.

Good On expresses its brand with diverse texture and dye methods, according to the characteristics of every fabric and design. Each of our product has totally different texture by different dye method, and this is what GOOD ON can only offer. It comes from continuous research and development of the dye method and new color with craftsmen in the U.S. and in Japan for over 20 years.